I decided to set up a Patreon page. I more wanted to have the option for commissioned stories available, but decided to put a few other perks people may like.

Signed digital copies aren’t really a thing. But for years I’ve desperately wanted them to be. I very much prefer reading ebooks as opposed to physical books. I’ve always told myself, even before I considered erotica, I’d get business cards made to look like each book I have. Then fans can come up and get their favorite cover signed, even if they’re digital only. This is a natural extension of that dream.

I also want epub format to be available for everyone. I know not everyone has a Kindle. I think Amazon’s policy of making it difficult to read a book you buy not transferable to a different device you own sucks, so this is an alternative.

The commissioned stories is a big one. I know there’s plenty of people out there with some really kinky fetishes. I’m also not opposed to writing about them, but Amazon can be really finicky about their content, so this is a way to give the readers what they want, digging as deep and dirty as they want!

If you’ve read this wall of text, you may as well go check out this other wall of text I’ve created.


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